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SmartCom is matching data for the purpose of analyzing consumer behavior and compiling social profiles. Our product allows us to collect and analyze the following data:

Travel Routes
Routes recurrence
Geographic preferences
Advertising structures that fall into the field of view of the subscribers' routes

In addition to data collection, personal communication is carried out via a mobile device, with a target audience located in close proximity to the advertising structure.

Direct access to the user

Our technology allows us to collect impersonal data on the consumer behavior of mobile device users, regardless of the presence or absence of their mobile applications, moreover

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    Patented technology

    Our technology is unique and patented

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    Experienced team

    The project team has extensive experience in the subject area

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    Extensive partnership

    Bundle with operators owning key DMPs. Entering the international DMP market and digital outdoor advertising

SmartCom System

Smart Outdoor is a software and hardware complex designed to analyze the audience of the outdoor advertising market. The product allows you to collect and analyze the following data about the user of the mobile device: routes of travel, time in transit, and most importantly - advertising and information structures that fall in the field of view of the routes. Comparison and coordination of the data will allow using analytics in the planning of advertising campaigns, and will also form the basis for a deep analysis of consumer behavior of the audience of advertising designs. Also, the system provides feedback to the user of the mobile device by sending him a unique contextual URL link or client UID.
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